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About us


It all started with a dream. I, was tired and run down. Sick because of stress, and not being able to shut down and relax. I started searching for something more. Surely there was more to life than just running the rat race on a daily basis, and then repeating it all over again. Feeling that I was not fulfilling my life purpose, I started looking at alternatives to everyday health and relaxation struggles. Out of this search, Angels Retreat Day Spa (now no longer a spa but a Wellness Centre) was born. A Dream with a purpose. To help others, where possible with de-stressing and healing, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This was made possible with one of the most basic human needs, touch! After 4 years of operating as a spa, the natural process of growth has happened and Angels Retreat has now evolved into Angels Retreat Wellness and Training Centre, where we offer a wide range of treatments that includes the following:

Massages, Reflexology, Natural Healing, Reiki, Card Readings, Angel Readings, Angel Therapy, weekly meditation sessions, as well as Kinesiology and Rife Therapy all under one roof. We also offer inbody scans with a Bioplasm Scanner as well as a Quantum Anayzer. Both these come with a full treatment plan. With a Holistic approach, and knowledge of pain and natural pain-relieve methods, Angels Retreat has already helped several clients live better and de-stress at the same time, all at an affordable price that suits your budget.

Nestled away in the sunny and tranquil suburb of Moreleta Park, we have several Bird Species that visit the gardens. A sparkling blue pool, that is beach themed outside, as a relaxation and meditation area, with lots of wooden walkways and water features that help you relax and feel like you are truly at peace.



Angels Retreat has 1 registered Kinesiologist, 1 registered student kinesiologist, 1 massage therapists including Gua Sha specialist, that are available on a regular basis. All therapists are trained, and in-house training is conducted on a regular basis.