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True Healing comes from a Compassionate Heart / Mind, not the hands ~ Frans Siene

Energy Healing

I have combined my teachings in Reiki, Massage Therapy and Reflexology with Violet Flame Healing to bring you the energy healing needed in different aspects of your life and health. I am the instruments used by God, the Angels, Masters and Deities to heal those who need it.

Crossing over

Crossing over before and after for Pets

I have also had to say goodbye to some special pets in my life time, but this has all changed when I allowed my higher self to reconnect with me and the spirit world opened its secrets up to me. Guided by my Guardian and the Angelic realm, I can help your pet cross over.


Psychic Reading R500.00

Violet Flame / Reiki Healing R500.00

Full Healing with Reading Session R700.00

House Clearing R800.00

Healing Massage with Crystals R550.00

Aura Clearing and Balancing ~ Chakras R350.00

Crossing over for Pets ~ Before and After R250.00

Kinesiology Sessions ~ R450.00

DNA reset Session ~ R350.00

Angel Readings Menu:

Angel Readings


Blessed with intuitive visions, hearing messages from beyond, I practice reading with cards, or any subject that might help me lock in and read your soul.

All readings are done one on one, and is completely intuitive.